Einstein's Dreams (2)


To create a publication that depicts the concept behind 'Einstein's Dreams', by Alan Lightman.

Currently in its prototyping phase, this collection of conceptual books (8"x8") is a symbolic representation of five chapters of Einstein's Dreams. A novel that was originally published in 1993, Einstein's Dreams is a compilation of short stories that explore the possibilities of time through the (fictitious) dreams of a young Albert Einstein. These stories are fantastical representations of relativity that explore the relationship between time and human being.

For the purpose of this assignment, I chose five different stories and created five booklets that are enclosed within a bookcase.

Book One: A world where cause and effect are erratic
The concept behind this book is to rotate each spread in order for the text to be legible. This is meant to exaggerate the fact that you never know what orientation the text on the next page will hold.

Book Two: A world where time is controlled and everything is predicted
This book unfolds into a long accordion. The different pages of the book are actually one long sheet of paper that holds all the text at one glance, or in separate pages, depending on how you unfold the book.

Book Three: A world where every human being lives only for one day
This story explains that human beings are either born in the brightness of the day or the darkness of the night, and each type flounders when faced with the end of their life when their twenty four hours are finished. The people that are born in the day cringe fumble with the unknown darkness of the night, and the people born at night are blinded at the sight of day. This book contains a filter; one that demarcates the separate lives each type of person has. The reader reads the text a certain way from beginning to end through the bright yellow filter, but the chronology of the text changes when the text is read without the filter.

Book Four: A world where there is no time, only images.
This book explores the idea that life is static, a series of images that occur one after the other in the form of a tunnel. It collapses into a single moment, but also extends into a series of moments, the spine of which asserts, "Imagine a world where there is no time, only images."

Book Five: A world where everyone's thoughts are multiplied and exaggerated exponentially
The final book in this collection is symbolic of an infinite train of thought that reduces in size, the way the author talks about people's thoughts stemming from one idea to the next at such a rapid pace that they forget what their initial thought was.

All these five books are contained within a square bookcase that is punched with a square in the middle. This hollow space is meant to symbolise how each book is incomplete without the other, and all of them come together to form 'Einstein's Dreams'.