uncomfortable detail

I took it upon myself to make people feel uncomfortable.
(In the name of research, of course.)


When 20 students showed up for my workshop with no knowledge of what it was about, I asked them to first list down what made them uncomfortable as designers. I provided them material and told them their task – to create a composition with type and image (using only the markers, magazines, scissors and glue I provided them) in 5 minutes.


I divided them into 2 groups. Group 1 was left in the classroom to begin their task. Group 2 was taken to the bathroom and divided into pairs, such that each partner didn't know the other. Each pair was locked into a bathroom stall, and asked to complete the task.


After 5 minutes, both groups reversed roles. Group 1, though more apprehensive than Group 2, still didn't know where they were being taken. After the exercise, we had an open discussion about whether any part of the exercise made them feel uncomfortable and everyone wrote another list about what made them uncomfortable as designers.

View a video about the workshop below: